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Three of the Best Whole - Body Detoxes

The main purpose of a whole-body detox is to cleanse and re-energise your whole system, helping you on your way towards holistic health and integrated wellbeing. Although it is often assumed that most vegetarians and vegans eat a healthier diet than meat eaters or non-vegans and have less need for a full detoxification, the truth is we can all benefit from a safe and gentle detoxification regime. A regular detox is believed to increase energy levels, boost the immune system and even improve the appearance of your skin .  So what is a whole body detox? Well, as the name implies, it is a complete and effective cleansing regime designed to give you a complete physiological overhaul. All detoxes will advise eating more of certain foods and less - or none - of others, with the aim of purifying and cleansing, but there are different regimes so whatever your preferences it should be possible to find a detox that is tailored to your individual needs. Detoxing is not advised however if you are
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5 Foods To Naturally Get Gorgeous Hair And Skin

Written By Natali Ivasiv People all over the globe are spending billions of dollars on skin and hair-care products every year, and don’t even realize that it comes down to lifestyle, rather than how much you can afford to spend on products. Beauty is only skin-deep, but the importance of healthy skin goes a lot deeper. Here are some tips to boost the Beauty of Your Skin and Hair! Nourish Your Body The foods you eat can be powerful tools to increase your beauty as well. Most people choose foods based on how many calories it contains and how it will affect their weight. But foods can also improve your skin, nails and hair, as they simultaneously increase your health. Nourishing your skin begins from the inside with the foods you eat. Here are the Top Superfoods for Gorgeous Skin and Hair: 1. Red and Green Vegetables Orange-red vegetables are full of beta-carotene. Your body converts beta-carotene into vitamin A, which prevents cell damage and premature aging. Studies have

11 Important and Healthy Benefit of Flaxseed

Prevention is most important in staying healthy and the benefit of flaxseed is that it is powerful at helping prevent illness and promote health and healing in our bodies. Although flax has been known to have been used thousands of years ago, even as far back as 1000BC because of its many health benefits, flax was until recently relatively unknown and unused except for in paints and clothes. Flaxseed is becoming known as an extremely beneficial and powerful super food. Even Mahatma Ghandi said: Wherever golden flaxseeds become a regular food item among the people, there will be better health. The increase in awareness of the benefit of flaxseed has created a stir in the food processing business. Currently there are over 300 food products that contain flaxseed. The 5 main parts of flaxseed that promote health are omega 3 fatty acid, lignans, fiber, protein and vitamins + minerals. Then these three ingredients work together to provide a variety of health benefits. You must

Want Osteoporosis? Get Milk!

Calcium? Where do the COWS get calcium for their big bones? Yes... from plants! The calcium they consume from plants has a large amount of magnesium... necessary for the body to absorb and USE the calcium. According to the National Institute of Health the calcium content of 8oz of milk is 290mg and the magnesium content is 24mg. If we examine other calcium rich foods (we'll discuss those in a minute), we would see that the ratio for those foods is nearly 1/1, with equal amounts of calcium and magnesium. Indeed, magnesium is an essential part of calcium absorption. Without it, the calcium just passes through, unused. The calcium in cow's milk is basically useless because it has insufficient magnesium content (those nations with the highest amount of milk/dairy consumption also have the highest rates of osteoporosis. Proof? How about a controlled study of 78,000 nurses over a period of 12 years? Read more about it at: http:

Clean Your Kidneys

Years pass by and our kidneys are filtering the blood by removing salt, poison and any unwanted entering our body. With time, the salt accumulates and this needs to undergo cleaning treatments and how are we going to overcome this? It is very easy, first take a bunch of parsley or Cilantro ( Coriander Leaves ) and wash it clean Then cut it in small pieces and put it in a pot and pour clean water and boil it for ten minutes and let it cool down and then filter it and pour in a clean bottle and keep it inside refrigerator to cool. Drink one glass daily and you will notice all salt and other accumulated poison coming out of your kidney by urination also you will be able to notice the difference which you never felt before. Parsley (Cilantro) is known as best cleaning treatment for kidneys and it is natural! PLEASE SHARE To SAVE this recipe, be sure to click SHARE so it will store on your personal page. For daily health tips visit here: Source : Your Da

Health Benefits of Cloves: When All Else Fails, Try a Little Clove Oil

Known as one of the best antioxidant foods, cloves are well-known for their use as an externally applied local antiseptic (clove oil) that numbs on contact for dental pain. But not many folks are familiar with a variety of other health benefits of cloves , which includes combating Candida and fighting bacterial infections. The dried buds of cloves contain an aromatic oily substance that is the essence of the spice’s medicinal and culinary properties. It’s wise to purchase cloves in their bud forms. Purchased powders may have lost most of their potency by the time you buy and use them, while dried buds hold up to three times as long. Whenever you want clove as a powder, you can grind the buds in a coffee grinder. When you shop for cloves, pinch the buds with your fingernails. You should get a strong aromatic scent and a slightly oily feel. Choose organic if possible to avoid irradiated clove spices. They’re DOA (dead on arrival) herbal spices Clove Oil’s Medicinal and Nutritional

14 Benefits of Squash

Low in calories Cholesterol-free Aids in Weight-loss High in Vitamin A High in Vitamin C High in Fiber Help prevent Cancer High in Potassium High in Antioxidants Reduces high blood pressure Good source of magnesium Helps prevent osteoporosis Helps prevent the onset of cataracts Reduces risk of heart attack and stroke